By: Gloria Parker 

VP Margaret McNair 


Breathtakingly beautiful are the definitive words to describe the wedding of Margaret Ware (Western Section VP) and Hector McNair on August 5, 2017, at New Home Missionary Baptist Church in Sacramento CA.


A large gathering of family and friends from both sides were there to witness this extraordinary union. It was a religious joining, between two friends of many years. However, in recent months, the long friendship turned to love, resulting in a pledge to spend the remainder of their lives together.


As members of the same church for over forty years, both the bride and groom sang in the choir with their former spouses (who are deceased) and attended many church functions together. As quoted by the bride, “This marriage was arranged by God and has his blessings.”


The wedding began with the entrance of the minister, Reverend, Anthony Robertson and the groom, and his son, the best man, Donald McNair, Sr. through the apse.  The groom and best man looked quite debonair, dressed in dove grey tuxedos, complimented with aqua blue vest and ties.


After the three men took their positions, all eyes turned to the foyer, to witness the entrance of the matron of honor, Danetta Jackson. The beautiful, daughter of the bride was dressed in the color scheme of the wedding, an exquisite, aqua blue dress, which accentuated her tall, statuesque figure.


The excitement in the church was palpable when the bride, stunning in a gorgeous, off-white gown (by Maggie Satero) floated down the aisle on the arm of her brother, attorney, Harold Royal from Zachary, Louisiana.


After reaching the flower, bedecked wedding arch, the bride placed both hands in the hands of the groom and the ceremony began. Vows were lovingly repeated, and

wedding rings were exchanged. Solos by Jesse Shavers and Kim Pruitt, were so beautiful and well executed, there were few dry eyes in the audience.


The wedding ceremony was just the beginning of an unforgettable day. The reception, attended by over one hundred and eighty guest was held at the Holiday Inn, in Elk Grove, CA.


Each guest was given a lovely, blue satin, candy bag, upon entrance and directed to the ball room, where the bride and groom were seated at an elegant table at the front of the room. Surrounding guest tables were decorated with beautiful, aqua, blue and white center pieces.


After the bride and groom’s first dance, the fun began with D.J. Parker’s riotous rendition of all the Single Ladies. All the single ladies in the ball-room were asked to take the dance floor, which appeared to consist of most of the ladies. After the “single ladies” dance the, DJ called all couples who had been married twenty-five years to the floor, and continued to call couples married, thirty, forty, fifty, and sixty years to join in. The last couple dancing had been married sixty-seven years. The “electric slide” brought many of the other guests to their feet, including the bride who was laughing, dancing and having a wonderful time.


A delightful gourmet dinner was served either, before, during or after the dancing. Since both bride and groom are teetolers; a delicious apple cider (instead of Champagne) was served to toast the pair.


Toasts from the bride’s family were especially poignant.  The groom was sincerely and eloquently welcomed to the family by Margaret’s three children and several of her grandchildren. The groom has only one child and one grandchild. The bride has three children, four grandchildren and four great grandchildren. The newly-weds now have a blended family of fifteen. 


Every detail of the wedding was planned by the couple’s church family. It was coordinated by members, Anna Parker and Dharon Grayson; and hosted by Cheryl Owens, Annette Harrison, Sharon Blackburn, Lola Bland and Dee Dee Taylor. The result was undeniably, professional with flawless execution.


Margaret and Hector left on their honeymoon the day after the wedding, on a cruise to the Caribbean. They visited the islands of Consumel, Grand Caymans, and Ocho Rios Jamaica. The honeymoon was extended to include a visit to Norfolk, Virginia, to introduce the bride to the groom’s family. After leaving Virginia, the couple flew to Lombard, Virginia, where Margaret participated in the ABA Summer Nationals, and introduced her new husband to many of her bridge friends.


Best Wishes to the Happy Couple!!!!!!