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Western Section - Open Meeting

                                            Milpitas, California

            May 28, 2011


The meeting was called to order by Vice President Agnes Snowden, at 9:15 a.m.

VP Snowden stated that the Western Section is 64 Years old.  VP Snowden asked Ms. Diane Marbury to give the Opening Inspiration.  VP asked Secretary Simms for the roll call.  Officers present, VP Agnes Snowden, Secretary Ida Simms, Financial Secretary/Treasurer Gloria Lee Ray and Acting Parliamentarian James Pruitt.  According to the attendance Roster, twenty (20) members have signed in.  A quorum is established.   VP Snowden asked for the minutes of the previous meeting held on November 13, 2010 in Las Vegas, NV.  Secretary Simms stated that the minutes were previously distributed to the members and unless there are additions or corrections, moved to approve the minutes as distributed.  There was a 2nd and the minutes were approved as distributed.

Financial Secretary-Treasurer’s Report – Ms. Lee Ray stated that the report covers the period November 1, 2010 – May 18, 2011.  Income during this period was $15,446.85.

Expense during this period was $13,139.08.  The net income is $4,140.83.  There is one check in the amount of $150.00.  The checking account ending balance is $4,290.00.  The total income for the Fall tournament was $13,477.50.  Total

Expenses for the Fall tournament was $8,728.74, therefore the net gain for the Fall tournament was $4,748.76.  We made more money at the Fall tournament than we have for a some time.  Ms. Lee Ray concluded her report, and VP Snowden received the report for audit.

VP Snowden stated that she has a Treasurer’s report from the ABA National which indicates that the ABA National has a net worth of  $483.653.93, excluding money in the Scholarship Fund which is controlled by the ABA Foundation.  The checking account has $330,977.00; fixed assets which includes the ABA building, are worth $120,000.

VP Snowden stated that there is a concern regarding the Spring Sectional Tournament.  The Sectional Committee met Thursday, 5/26/11 and it was moved to bring a recommendation to the general body regarding whether we should continue to holding Spring Sectional Tournaments.  VP Snowden asked Secretary Simms to read the recommendation.   Secretary Simms stated that the following motion was made by Ms. Clara Satterfield, Pasadena DBC and 2nd by Ms. Diane Marbury, Kings & Queens DBC.  “I move that we make a recommendation to the Body to discontinue The Spring Sectional”.  There were eleven (11) votes in favor of the motion; four (4) votes against the motion; and one (1) abstention.  The motion carried.   Therefore, the recommendation to the general Body is to discontinue the Spring Sectionals. VP Snowden asked for discussion regarding the recommendation.  Ms. Shirley Gray asked for the rationale for the recommendation.  VP Snowden stated that it is because we continue to lose money on the Spring Sectionals.  We only have twelve tables in play at this tournament, and last spring we had only fourteen tables in play, and it doesn’t matter where we hold the Sectional.  VP Snowden stated that there are four other Sections that had two Sectionals per year, have dropped one of the Sectional and is now holding only one Sectional per year.  There was discussion regarding the pros and cons of discontinuing the Spring Sectional.  After much discussion, Ms. Gloria Webb moved to discontinue the Spring Sectional.  Ms. Simms, Ms. Satterfield, and Ms. Marbury 2nd the motion.  There was further discussion.  VP Snowden stated that the Parliamentarian said that this is a motion to discontinue, not to cancel, the Spring Sectional, therefore if later there is enough interest to reinstate the Spring Sectional, the Body can do that.  The vote was called.  There were eleven (11) votes in favor of the motion; six (6) votes against the motion; and one (1) abstention.  The motion carried.  

Vice President’s Report – VP Snowden reported that ABA National decided to not buy the Bridge Mate because it is too costly.  They will continue to use the Bridge Mate at the National Tournaments, but will rent the machines from Clubs and Sections who already have the machines. VP Snowden informed the members that Mr. Charles Townsel has re-filed his Small Claims Complaint against her and Financial Secretary/Treasurer Ms. Gloria Lee Ray.   She reminded the members that Mr. Townsel had withdrawn the original complaint w/prejudice which meant that he could re-file.  Now that he has re-filed she and Ms. Lee Ray decided that they will go to the hearing and let the Judge decide the case.  Ms. Shirley Lee stated that we should counter-sue.  There was much discussion.  Mr. James Lee moved that the Western Section sue Mr. Townsel to reimburse the Western Section the funds that we will have to expend for VP Snowden and Ms. Lee Ray to go to Phoenix, AZ to defend them against the complaint.  There was discussion, but it was decided that Ms. Snowden and Ms. Lee Ray will look into filing a countersuit after the hearing in Phoenix, AZ and when they return to Los Angeles, CA.  VP Snowden stated that she has reinstated the Section Appeals & Ethics Committee to handle some additional information regarding this issue.

Tournament Chairperson Report – Ms. Thelma Lee stated that we do not have good participation for this tournament.   Yesterday we had 12 teams in play, and the day before we only had 12 tables in play which means we had two (2) tables less than we had in Phoenix, AZ last year.  The main difference in the tournaments is that LABU provided supplies for us, so we didn’t have to spend as much for supplies.   Despite the low attendance, it is a fun tournament.  It was pointed out that we had only four and a half (4-1/2) tables in play yesterday morning.  Ms. Shirley Gray recommended

that we do not have 9:00 a.m. games, if possible. Ms. Lee stated that she will take a

look at the schedule for future tournaments; however it is basically a moot issue for the Spring Sectional since we voted to discontinue the Spring Tournament, but we will look at it for the Fall Tournaments.  Ms. Lee concluded her report.

Head Director Report – No Report

Financial Secretary/Treasurer – Ms. Lee Ray stated that she will deposit receipts for Thursday, Friday, and the Dinner which will total approximately $2,500.00.

VP Snowden thanked the LABU again for supporting the tournament and for providing the supplies needed for this tournament.  She advised the members that the Western Section will subsidize the LABU bus rental in appreciation for them bringing the tables, bidding boxes, etc.

Budget Committee Report – Ms. Charlene Carodine, Chairperson – No Report

New Players Committee – Ms. Stephanie Young, Chairperson – She stated that no

new players attended, so she could not hold the planned seminar.

Merit Award & Life Membership – Ms. Shirley Lee, Chairperson – Ms. Lee reported that Ms. Andreda Pruitt’s name will be re-submitted to the ABA National Merit Award and Life Membership Committee, for Life Membership, and Ms. Mignon Benjamin’s name will be re-submitted to the ABA National Merit Award and Life Membership Committee for the Merit Award.  These are the same two names are the nominees that were approved by the Section in 2010.

Scholarship Committee – Ms. Andreda Pruitt, Chairperson -   Ms. Pruitt reported that the information regarding Scholarships went on the Web Page in January.  She stated that she had five (5) requests for applications but only three (3) applications.  There was supposed to be one (1) opening for November, but the student who qualified for the renewal, did not contact Ms. Pruitt to give her the information.  Therefore we one (1) renewal and two (2) openings for initial applications.  Ms. Odessia Love, Ms. Julia Lee, Ms. Shirley Lee are on the committee.  The committee will meet and review the applications to make a decision regarding the applications.  Since we have one renewal and two initial openings, they can select only two of the three applicants that applied.  Once selected, the students are eligible for three renewals.  The applications are for under graduate levels only.  Ms. Pruitt concluded her report.

Appeals & Ethics Committee – Mr. Robert Friend – Not Present – No Report

Staff Development – Ms. Gloria Webb, Chairperson – Ms. Webb reported that we

need Directors, but we have not had any seminars lately and there were no seminars at the ABA Spring National in Morristown, NJ.  Ms. Webb reported that she held a couple of sessions at her home last year, and they went well.  Ms. Webb reported on a new program that the ABA National is planning to implement.  This program is to enable the Directors to send game results directly the ABA National Office via the internet.  Mr. James Lee asked about the Director Seminars given by the ABCL. Ms. Webb stated that the ACBL Seminar is different from the type of ABA Seminars that she mentioned.  Mr. Lee also asked to have a seminar on how to run a club game.  Ms. Webb stated that she will be glad to hold one at his club, all he has to do is to let her know his availability.  VP Snowden stated that the ABA National Board voted that all Sanctioned Game results should be reported to the Web Master within seven (7) days after the game so that the overall results can be posted on the Web Page.  This action was based on a recommendation from the National Tournament Committee (NTC).  She also stated that the NTC also recommended that the ABA Board appoint a Project Manager so that the proper training program will be implemented throughout the organization to insure a smooth transition from the old procedures to the new.  This is supposed to be a “technical” position therefore Sections may not appoint the Project Managers.

Hospitality Committee – Ms. Gayle Dennis, Chairperson – Ms. Dennis was unable to attend the tournament however she sent candy and her report by Ms. Gloria Lee Ray.  Ms. Lee Ray reported that Ms. Dennis gave $200.00 to the Western Section to be used toward hospitality at this tournament.  The money is the result LABU members bringing newspapers to Ms. Dennis to recycle.  A big thank you to the LABU members for their continued support of the recycle program.  VP Snowden gave a big thank you to Ms. Dennis for her continued commitment to assure that the Western Section has hospitality at the tournaments.

Recommendations Committee – No Chairperson and no report.  There was discussion regarding the fact that we do not have a Recommendations Committee Chairperson.  VP Snowden appointed Ms. Julia Lee, Desert Wins member, to the position.

ABA/ABCL Liaison – Ms. Doris Ayers, Liaison reported that Mr. Al Freeman, ABA National Liaison called a meeting at the ABA Spring National in Morristown, NJ, but didn’t have the meeting because there were too few committee members in attendance, so there is no report.  Mr. Freeman is planning to hold a meeting at the Summer National in Scottsdale, AZ and Ms. Ayers plans to attend.  She will bring a report of that meeting to Fall Sectional in Las Vegas, NV.

Web Master Report – Ms. Patricia Banks reported she has revised the WS Web Page.  She has added videos, news, movies, bridge articles, etc.   She is still appealing to all the Clubs to send their game results to her so that she can post them on the Web Page.  She requested each President to appoint a Reporter for the Club so that person can send information regarding the club to her to post on the Web Page.  This is because we previously voted to discontinue the Western Que due to shortage of funds.  Therefore all pertinent information that would have been reported in the Western Que will be reported on the Web Page.  Ms. Banks stated that she will post all information sent to her as soon as she receives it.  She said that the reporters can send information either by regular mail or electronically.  If it sent electronically she prefers that the copy is camera ready.   Ms. Banks said that if someone does not have internet capability, if requested, she will send that person a hard copy of the articles that she has posted on the Web Page.   Ms. Julia said that she visits the web site periodically, and she thanked Ms. Banks for a very informative web site.  VP Snowden said that we need a cut-off date for outdated material that is on the Web Page.  Some of the information and pictures are very outdated and should be taken off the page.  Ms. Banks agreed to cull the old information on the Web Page and to keep it updated. Ms. Banks thanked Ms. Linda Wilson, LABU Reporter, for doing an excellent job of reporting LABU news to her.  Ms Banks concluded her report.

VP Snowden thanked Ms. Banks for the article on the Web Page which reported that Ms. Shirley Lee had received her Teacher Certification. Ms. Shirley Lee thanked Ms. Linda Wilson for the excellent letter that she wrote for Ms. Lee regarding Bridge Education activities that was posted on the Web Page. Ms. Clara Satterfield, President, Pasadena Duplicate Club thanked Ms. Shirley Lee and Ms. Ruby Luke for conducting a Beginners Class in Pasadena.  There are twelve (12) people in that class.  Ms. Shirley Lee and Ms. Satterfield thanked Ms. Sara McKinney for recruiting that group of new players.  Each of the class participants subsequently joined the Pasadena Duplicate Bridge Club.

Unfinished Business - VP Snowden stated that the 2011 Fall Sectional will be held in Las Vegas, NV in November and the schedule is on the Web Page.  We will be at the Riviera Hotel and Casino.  We will have Hospitality at this tournament.  Ms. Ruby Luke and a few others will help Ms. Gayle Dennis get hospitality (snacks) out to the players.

Summer National – ABA 2011 Summer National will be held in Scottsdale, AZ.  The National Tournament Chairperson is Ms. Stephanie Young, LABU President.  The Western Section has been tasked to host the Worship Service, and Ms. Ruby Luke is the Director for the Worship Service.  Ms. Harriette Motley, President, Valley Of The Sun has gotten a speaker for the Worship Service.  Those who wish to volunteer to help at the Worship Service should contact Ms. Ruby Luke.

New Business – VP Snowden stated that this is our Election Year.  Every two years we elect new officers.  She stated that she has appointed Mr. James Pruitt as the Election Committee Chairperson.  She also stated that if anyone is interested in running for office, they should get a letter of intent to Mr. Pruitt before July 15, 2011.  She stated further that she asked Mr. Pruitt could she give her intent to him today, and he said yes, as long as it is in writing.  VP Snowden asked Mr. Pruitt to make additional remarks.  Mr. Pruitt stated to the members that everyone must be very careful when they come to a meeting because you will unexpectedly find yourself, as Committee Chairperson, as he, Ms. Julia Lee, and Ms. Charlene Carodine did (there was laughter).  He stated that he will need help, and will be calling on members to serve on this Committee.  Ms. Clara Satterfield volunteered.  Mr. Pruitt stated that some of the qualifications include but are not limited to:  “must be a member in good standing”, “must love bridge”, and “want to work for the good of the organization”. He stated that election information will be on the web site.   Mr. Pruitt concluded his remarks.

VP Snowden noted that Mr. Tony Lawson, Head Director, was present and asked if he had any remarks. Mr. Lawson stated that even though this has been a small tournament, we are having fun.  He also asked everyone to sign up for the Swiss Team event so that we will have enough teams to make it a successful event.  He Thanked everyone for supporting the Sectional.

Ms. Stephanie Young stated that LABU is having a “Grade A” week-end July 8-10, 2011 in Los Angeles at the LABU Bridge Club, and asked everyone to attend.  The playing fee will be $7.00 plus $2.00 for expenses for a total of $9.00.

Ms. Pat Banks recommended that we still hold a fun raiser cruise during 2012.

VP Snowden introduced Ms. Shirley Williams from Atlanta, GA who is attending

our Sectional.  VP Snowden stated that Ms. Williams, who is a computer expert,

has helped us, at this tournament, with the new ABA scoring program.  VP

Snowden thanked Ms. Williams for attending our tournament and for helping us

with the program, and asked the members to give her a round of applause.

Ms. Williams thanked VP Snowden, and informed the members that the Atlanta Unit is hosting a “Grade A” week-end June 24-26, 2011 and asked everyone, who can, to come to Atlanta to attend their “Grade A” event. 

There was no further business to come before the body and Ms. Carodine moved to adjourn the meeting.  Ms. Diane Marbury 2nd.  VP Snowden adjourned the meeting at 11:55 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,







Western Section - ABA