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2018 Spring National

A Message From James

The purpose of this letter is to confirm and add importance to the message our Section Secretary, Linda Wilson expressed in her recent correspondence to our club presidents. James LeeThe tournament committee wants to make this sectional special. This years’ schedule is expanded to include a teachers’ certification and recruitment seminar, a scholarship game, and three team games, all new to our sectional schedule. What was traditionally a get-away game on the last day of the tournament will now be a two session modified round robin team game. This should increase the table count for the final day and be attractive to members attracted to team games. This also provides the opportunity for our section to display a measure of hospitality. Between sessions we want to serve lunch and immediately begin the second session insuring an afternoon completion and early departure. All sections provide hospitality during their tournaments, some more than others, usually the section supplies the refreshments and the club members act as servers and sometimes waiters with the consent of the resident hotel. This is similar to The LABU providing hospitality at its Grade A Weekend or Desert Wins DBC hosting the annual pre sectional club game. The Las Vegas Sectional is unique because of casino hotel policy which does not allow outside food or refreshments served within the hotel. The hotel must furnish all food and refreshments served for hospitality purposes, this can be expensive and the reason we ask for your help. The Western Section has never shown hospitality to this extent, our hope is to include the entire membership, with the help of club presidents, in making this WS Tournament the best in recent memory. Many of you remember the years when our Western Section was compared to the ABA Spring National in terms of size and anticipation. We can return to those days of nationwide participation with 60+ knock-out teams and pair games with up to 100 tables. Although this type of hospitality is expensive, by providing these many amenities, a teachers seminar, bridge mates, dealing machine, scholarship game, extra team games, hospitality, and the Las Vegas fantasy, the Western Section can return the time of bigger and stronger. We thank and appreciate Gayle Dennis for her donations of candy and snacks in the past and the future, let us use Gayle as an example of the individual donations our section needs to reach bigger and stronger. The Tournament Committees’ request to club presidents for Hospitality Fund donations have been disappointing, Harmony DBC and Desert Wins DBC have made contributions, Doris Ayers, James Lee, Julia Lee many DWDBC members have made individual donations. We all want success for our tournament, it starts with club presidents. Please find the time to read both letters to your members and forward your donation to the WS Treasurer labeled Hospitality Fund. Thank you in advance

James Lee
702 897-6990