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New Players Special Mid-Summer Bridge Tournament

The Los Angeles Bridge Education Department sponsored a “Special Mid-Summer Bridge Tournament” on July 22, 2012, giving special attention to all those who have participated in the Bridge Education Program during the past year. The mid-summer classic was a great success. Not that I thought it wouldn’t be. It’s just that a lot of people we know put in a fiendish amount of hard work …sooooo I’m glad to see that it paid off.

The LABU is about bridge. Beginners, Advanced Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Bridge Players all showed up for a casual game with one thing in mind. Let the new players have a chance to shine with a spotlight on their freshly developed skills. Some of the new players had been developing for a year under the direction of Shirley Lee & Ruby Luke and finally got a chance to test their skills under tournament conditions.

From the outset it was abundantly clear the teachers of the new players, Shirley Lee & Ruby Luke had nursed them along patiently. Their new batch of beginners were equally as well schooled as all before them. Shirley along with Ruby Luke have cranked out another long line of sharp players. From the first bite of food to the play of the last card, the emphasis was on playing some good bridge, having a good time, and tasting the wares of our great hospitality committee.

There were 9 tables of new and intermediate players who attended this affair. Prizes consisted of convention cards made specifically for "New Players" and "Intermediate Players", and there were trophies awarded. Learning the basics of bridge and mastering the basics is what our new players have concentrated on. You could definitely tell they enjoyed the challenge of the game for when it was time for their learned skills to be rewarded, they literally jumped for joy. The Excitement was contagious throughout the club house.

Winners or this "A" game and receiving trophies were:

Intermediate Players:
1st Beverly Watkins & Rhae Watkins
2nd Harriet Lott & Willa Hector
New & Advanced New Players;
1st Floy Simms & Rachel Garner
2nd Dorothy Goodrich & Lujuana Hunter

People of all ages and backgrounds play bridge and at our new players game it was obvious. Shirley Lee has done an exceptional job as Head of the Education Committee, and along with Ruby Luke, deserves all the praise for keeping LABU alive and well as we look towards our future. These games are the best way for new players to get their feet wet and find out why this game called "Bridge" is so GREAT!