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VP Margaret Ware
Vice President
Margaret Ware
Greetings Western Section Members, 

This has been a busy time for the Western Section with two tournaments behind us and the rapidly approaching Fall Tournament ahead. However, before turning our thoughts to other pressing matters and the Fall Tournament in November, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the membership for your support, especially during the 2016 Western Section Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the 2017 American Bridge Association Tournament in Reno, Nevada.

In addition to a much delayed thank you to the members who worked so diligently during both tournaments, this message (in part) is also an update for the Western Section members who were unable to attend the tournaments..

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ELECTION OF ABA NATIONAL OFFICERSs Western Section...attached is the form to show intent to run for office in the Western Section. Please click on the file linked below and follow instructions to submit to Doris Ayers, Election Comm. Chairperson

This is an election year for all National ABA Officers to begin duties in January of 2018. Nominations will be made at the Spring National Tournament in Reno, Nevada with votes counted at the Summer National tournament in Lombard, Illinois.

Mr. James Pruitt has been appointed as the National Elections Chairperson and will be responsible for all aspects of the election. Guidelines will be published in the near future.

2016 Summer National Photos

New Levels Achieved During 2016
ABA # Fname Lname City State Old Level New Level
16216 Margo L Talley Surprise AZ Asterisk Master
15351 Wanda Dudley San Diego CA Asterisk Master
14455 Ruth Hall San Diego CA Asterisk Master
10548 James H Shepard Surprise AZ Asterisk Master
15461 Mary H Williams Los Angles CA Asterisk Master
14888 Virgie Edwards Altadena CA Asterisk Master
14645 Harriet Lott Los Angeles CA Asterisk Master
14643 Alvin Pendleton Oakland CA Asterisk Master
15462 Floy A Sims Los Angeles CA Asterisk Master
16489 Enaid Savage Guanajeato MX Asterisk Master
16356 Roz King San Diego CA Asterisk Master
16355 Donald Thomas San Diego CA Asterisk Master
15389 Beverly F Watkins Hawthorne CA Asterisk Master
16355 Donald Thomas San Diego CA Master Life Master
16489 Enaid Savage Guanajeato MX Master Life Master
12749 Clara P Satterfield Azusa CA Master Life Master
14329 Clara M Harris Inglewood CA Sr Life Master Ruby
14653 Kathleen Carter Beaumont CA Sr Life Master Ruby
14203 Carnell Wingfield Hawthorne CA Ruby Diamond
10534 Genevieve Kyle Rosewood CA Ruby Diamond
5019 Rosa L Hawkins Los Angeles CA Diamond Silver Diamond
9474 Celestine Tillman Gardena CA Diamond Silver Diamond
14075 Julia Ann Lee Las Vegas NV Diamond Silver Diamond
5874 Robert J Friend Irvine CA Platinum Diamond Black Diamond